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Wednesday, Mar. 4, 2015

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Multichoice Internship Pogramme 2013

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September 7, 2012


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Location: Randburg
Closing Date: 07 September 2012
Must have or studying towards relevant qualification-bachelor of arts degree:
• Must have passion for production
• Must be technically inclined
• Must be able to speak a variety of African Languages
Title How to Apply
Director of Photography Apply Online: http://multichoice.erecruit.co.za/candidateapp/Job.aspx?utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed&params=fkb7VFots2zafj83XCibRjvkLx6rLxXYfMOUEwMYjo083ji1RB7MrpfsLY%2bURCyTvtE%2bld2BZ9kN1qHTzRK5Yg%3d%3d
Wardrobe Designer Apply Online: http://multichoice.erecruit.co.za/candidateapp/Job.aspx?Page=ViewJob&JobRef=310812-7&params=fkb7VFots2zafj83XCibRox4Wn%2fK4Zdeo1j%2fHSxUaYWZwg4QLeu042jydax%2fVn1vAyDgpmuuu3W6UsGAdf4zhycOc3odmG524EgGtbF1hYu%2bVGLEZ8PIXqDh9njTxb6q
Art Director Apply Online: http://multichoice.erecruit.co.za/candidateapp/Job.aspx?Page=ViewJob&JobRef=310812-2&params=fkb7VFots2zafj83XCibRufsKeE%2bMdaBSlaCemHWClrgeMo5oQoAyfnZpVXggG0d%2fuzJVBY0zj0Y9fBXKggYMuyyv0LDGZ4yiab2ezIsjhcpcGigqHAFH8It2Kg5m%2bQR
Editor/Digitizer Apply Online: http://multichoice.erecruit.co.za/candidateapp/Job.aspx?Page=ViewJob&JobRef=310812-5&params=fkb7VFots2zafj83XCibRs0EMBCl9lEcUu1xYYWkjNGqaBB6%2fffnGOPHhNzn7YZeGz%2fZ8WeGdltoBtBK%2befvT3gwraJbLRwiUemZUgl0S6Yjeqr3Ml94kibNECxfQP99
Continuity Apply Online: http://multichoice.erecruit.co.za/candidateapp/Job.aspx?Page=ViewJob&JobRef=310812-3&params=fkb7VFots2zafj83XCibRsxF1EMbyo638BIYgANM0Sw%2b30D5Ho0m6ARoeEe3pbTVS5k55OnJu4tmZ75o4hljQSGBqvIIRsbV12zwaBPdXsJmDrBRjI%2bzG5M9WxNv5rT1
Director Apply Online: http://multichoice.erecruit.co.za/candidateapp/Job.aspx?Page=ViewJob&JobRef=310812-8&params=fkb7VFots2zafj83XCibRrQwXwA%2fCQQKuPrA1QyrrnHqWO1xQwAGawAfUcrNansMWSEFsN%2by16TTv5vlL0aFoldrZPwVOWvmmeJ1KLKfvG8rM9dEJALOCO2b66FA9KP2
Unit Manager Apply Online: http://multichoice.erecruit.co.za/candidateapp/Job.aspx?Page=ViewJob&JobRef=310812-6&params=fkb7VFots2zafj83XCibRhbTzNp0bzFWK58SDwe%2bqUq1G%2bcVeHwuPL7c4%2fUlyRB5518vcU2h%2f7kFFhl1vRRV9LAN0mndI1Oqfq%2bS1GRDK4zioGdiZZsIjZ%2fTEcHedR8j
Make-up Artist Apply Online: http://multichoice.erecruit.co.za/candidateapp/Job.aspx?Page=ViewJob&JobRef=310812-1&params=fkb7VFots2zafj83XCibRoAj2rmUDt5YrMLiK9vYK5uCIsj4QfGrRjlN2T14HGfID3Kio%2fkTb4XeP43twEZbexLNPDuln2NyXvOM1QQZOEphBadaMaG6FYKpE1eCfVf%2b




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